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Why won't Google play work on my ZTE Gradd X4?

So this just happened randomly this morning. When I restarted my phone it said "Optimizing Apps 1 out of 1" so I decided to fix that issue by uninstalling the app that was using the most battery space. (This is a solution I saw on another forum site) After doing so, the problem still persisted so I uninstalled almost all the apps on my phone  and then the problem was solved. I go to open Google Play and it closes automatically. No *Google Play has stopped message* it just closes. Sometimes it'll open but when I go to reinstall an app it closes as soon as I hit the install button. Now I don't know what to do, I've cleared up a lot of my phone storage but my phone continues to bug out. I can't even open my gallery, every time I do I'm met with a black screen.

All Google Play apps? Hmm.. Try this: Go to Settings -> Apps -> look for the Google Play app that isn't working then uninstall updates. Restart the phone then wait for it to update again and try it after that.

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