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Why won't Lenovo S860 turn on?

why my lenovo s860 wont turn on. But when connected with charger,it only has a red light on top


The error was after flashing my phone it went well actually it turned on and i even browse it for a minute and after that my phone lagged and the lenovo sign appeared with the android sign below too. It hanged there for minutes and after that it turned off. When i tried to turn it on wont.

I tried to charge it for almost 1 day by plugging it in the computer and a phone charger but nothing happens.

I have done the buttons that they were saying and others.

Ive read once that it was because of the i am thinking that i would change the battery.

Any suggestions or options are very appreciated. Thank you


i charged it for almost 1 day and it wont turn on.

i have tried all the possibilities like pressing the power button or the volumte buttons and other such involving those.

i hav tried also the flashing with rom but theirs error coming out.

hope you can help me though.

Usually, a red light means the phone needs charging. Let the phone charge for at least 15 minutes before trying to turn it on.

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