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Why isn't my gallery syncing up to my Instagram?

when I try sending a picture in private message or taking a picture on instagram, it asks me to allow instagram to access photos media and files on device. when I click allow, it tells me I need to turn off screen overlay then at the bottom of that message it has the open setting option. I click that then it takes me to a screen that says draw over other apps and instagram is no where on the list. even if I turn the overlay off on my gallery it still doesn't allow me to send pictures in private message.

I not only restart my phone every couple of days, but I had a system update last night as well. I've had this phone for about 5 months and never been able to sync to Instagram

Hi Kala. Go to Settings > Apps > Instagram > Clear data > Uninstall > Restart phone > Install it again. Let us know if that works.

Hey Kala have you tried to restart your phone. This will help ensure there are no memory issues causing photo saving to fail.

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