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Why is the screen popping out of my iPhone 5S and why does it keep shutting down every second I turn it on?

My dad used to have an iPhone 5S but when he trusted me enough to have my own phone, he gave it to me.  It had dents and scratches and even a crack on the screen and the phone itself, which showed it had fallen to the ground more than once.  While using the phone, I had minor problems, like it glitching now and then.  I even dropped it in the middle school hallway, causing the screen to turn all funny with strange, colorful lines, but it was able to get fixed at Staples. After that, nothing really happened; that is, until I was doing my homework and I bent down to pick up my phone.  That was when I noticed that the screen was popping out of the phone itself, but I pushed it back down, which seemed to only damage it more.  About a week later, the screen looked worse than ever.  It seemed like the phone's insides were swelling up, causing it to pop up and even bend slightly.  The phone seemed to be affected by it as well.  It would shut down at random times and turn back on with 4% even though it would be at 90% before. I begged my dad to take it to Staples to get it fixed, but he was about to leave to New York and wouldn't take it to get fixed until he came back.  He still won't be back until tomorrow, and my phone is worse than ever now.  it shuts down every time I do so little as tap the screen and it takes much longer to turn back on.  I FaceTimed my parents on a friend's phone but when I told my dad about the phone, he said that it was just broken and my mom said she didn't feel like "wasting" money. When I asked them if I would be able to get a new phone, they said they didn't care and I would just have to wait until I am 18 years old.  Well, now I don't know what to do, and my birthday's coming up, and I'm very desperate and I need someone, anyone, to assure me that my phone can be fixed.  I can't deal wit this stress anymore.  Please answer!  Thanks!

Looks like the phone is badly damaged. You may need to replace the display in that case.

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