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Why is my mobile network state disconnected even after replacing my SIM card?

My mobile network state has been disconnected and completely unable to access data for a few days now. Instead of signal bars there's just a circle with a slash. I've tried everything--turning it on and off, turning airplane mode on and off, setting network settings to default, taking the SIM card in and out, etc. etc. (When I've tried to manually select the mobile network though, the only option available is 'Roam', not 2G or anything, and even that does nothing...) Then I contacted customer support and they walked me through doing all of that again to no avail. Finally they said I should either replace the SIM card or do a factory reset the phone. I've replaced the SIM card and activated it, and still, it's not working. Also, my phone number now reads as 000-000-0000 in the phone. It's been a couple hours, do I just have to wait longer? I really really need to be able to use my phone and I don't understand what else I can really do at this point.... Any help would be so so so appreciated

Was the SIM card activation show it is successful? Also, I wonder if you can try a different SIM on the phone or your SIM on a different phone. Have you done a factory reset? I'd do that if nothing works.


OK so I'm an idiot and I have a HUGE migraine and I thought this was a support forum specifically for my carrier. But since it's not, I'll say now the carrier is Total Wireless, and it's a Samsung A50 phone

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