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Why can't I change lock screen wallpaper in Lenovo Vibe K5 Note?

After i watch lenovo k5 note, screen back ground changed to what i saw you tube video,


Unfortunately, Settings has stopped...

That's what it shows further. If I try to resolve it, it shows the option to "Force Stop", which I can't go for due to uncertainty about the results. Please help. 

It's easy guys, follow the steps

Go to settings , select display, wallpaper 

By default it opens theme centre

In theme centre click camera icon ( that is photos from gallery ) select your image,  crop image if required. Select the tick mark on top.

It shows three options for setting your image as wallpaper, select your options as wallpaper. Enjoy!! Hope you got your answer.

There is lock screen option in the theme setting. Give lock screen change option details

Enable your Theme center app. 
Go to Setting -> Apps -> Theme Center -> enable the app. Now you can change your lock screen wallpaper :-)

But when i click on wallpaper as you said i got an error message of unfortunately setting has been stopped. Everytime


i follow your answer but when i open sttting > display > i show message (Unfortunately, settings has stoped) 

so what can i do ??

Yes u can. Setting > display > wallpaper > choose from gallery

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