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Why won't alarm display on the screen of my Kyocera phone?

When my alarm sounded on my Kyocera phone, it would display on my screen.  it doesn't anymore.  I have to go to the clock app to disarm.  how do i get it back?

Hi Deborah. No worries, that's why we're here! Here are some things I want you to try:

  • Set a new alarm (to test if the dismiss option will show up)
  • Install a new alarm app: try apps like Timely Alarm Clock (link)
  • Go to Settings > Apps > All > Clock > Clear data

Please let me know if any works for you.

Carl....thanks for your help.  I am technically challenged.   I am at a lost as to how to reset my alarm display.  Normally when the alarm sounds, I simply swipe the dismiss button.   One morning,  the setting menu dropped, I hit something and the dismiss option was lost.   Now, I have to go to the clock app, found the alarm, and turn off the alarm.  Very cumbersome.  HELP!!!

It's Android 5.1.1     The model is Kyocera C6745

Hi Deborah. Which Kyocera phone are you using? Are you using any 3rd party home launcher and alarm app?

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