What do you have to do to cancel your Freedom Mobile service?

last month I paid my bill $52.98 + tax etc. Requested a cheaper plan as I was using the phone for an alarm clock and maybe 15 min/mo of calls and maybe 5-10 text messages /mo.  Was told there were no cheaper plans. I then advised the individual  to terminate my service as I would go elsewhere. I was given a # for the new service provider to have my phone # transferred. This month I get another bill. I call customer service to find out what is going on. They tell me that service has not been cancelled. I'm told the store can  not  to do this, but they will do that now, what about this bill, Im transferred to a different dept. This fellow tries to sell me a new plan for $40/mo, telus  has one for $10/mo I respond, if you can match it fine  , no is the reply, FINE then once again simply CANCEL MY SERVICE AND UNLOCK MY PHONE.  WHAT DO I DO ABOUT THIS BILL?????  I'm told it has to go to a different department and I will get a final bill when they make their decision. I tell him I have no issue paying the balance on the cost of the phone but will not pay for a service that I cancelled as it is not my problem that their employees can't do there job. This all took 37 min  &  3 departments

Hi there. If you are going to port your number to another carrier, please contact the customer support of that carrier. They will do the porting for you. But if you just want to cancel your service from Freedom Mobile, simply contact them about the cancellation.

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