What are the things I can do with my old smartphone?

What are the things I can do with my old smartphone?

There are several things you can do with your old smartphone. Have a look at these options:

Sell it to an offline mobile store

Selling your phone to an offline mobile store is a good option. But, you will get a lesser price as compared to the online website. There are several middlemen like retailers, distributors are involved, thus intermediary commissions are more and these commissions finally add on to the price of the product.

Donate it to trustworthy website

Another option is donating your phone to the National Coalition against Domestic Violence. This organization has a partnership with Cellular Recycle and receives a small portion of the cash they bring in from the sale of refurbished cell phones.

Get creative by using your phone for multiple works

Just because you're not using it to make calls doesn't mean you can't use your smartphone for other purposes. Even, you can use your phone as a camera, or use your home’s WiFi to stream pictures or music. Moreover, you can load child-friendly applications into your old phone and let your kids play games.

Sell it to a genuine website for more cash

Some companies are specializing in buying old phones and broken phones depending upon the phone’s condition. Sites like Recell Cellular and Gazelle help you sell your phone without any hassle.

Hi Trish. We've got a guide covering uses for your old phone that you might find helpful. In that article, we mention using it as a voip calling device, home automation capabilities and a dedicated gaming device for example. 

Personally...I use my old phone as a dedicated internet radio. It's got Spotify + TuneIn radio installed and is connected to a bookshelf speaker via a 3.5mm audio cable.

You can also recycle your old phone or sell your old phone for some cash.

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