Can you advise me which SIM only contract to get in Saskatoon for my Apple iPhone 4?

We are moving to Saskatoon - I want a SIM only contract for an iPhone 4 - can you advise? Talk, text & data required.

Hi Fiona. Welcome to Saskatchewan.

Are you looking for SIM only in the sense that you don't need a new phone but you're willing to pay a bill monthly? Or are you looking for a purely no contract, no commitments prepaid SIM?

If you are ok with a month-to-month contract (cancel with 30 days notice) mostly all of the major carriers offer some pretty good solutions. One increasingly popular example is Koodo. They offer Canada-wide calling and data for around $40 per month. All of their plans are listed here on our site and you compare your options side-by-side plus filter the results based on your requirements. Here's the Koodo plans:

If you want a purely prepaid option, you're likely to be disappointed as prices tend to be unfairly high in comparing to monthly contracts. If your situation permits, opt for a month-to-month service contract to receive fair pricing.

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