Can a broken charging port of a LG VX-3200 be fixed or replaced?

Hi folks
The charging port on my LG Vx3200 apparently got broken somehow. Of course now the car charger and the data cable for ringtones and wallpapers is of no use. Does anyone know if that port can be fixed or replaced ? I tried searching online and could not find any option to buy the part. Maybe it can't be replaced ? Does anyone know ? Thanks so much for any info


I have the same problem my cell is very hard to charge the charger has to be the just the right spot or i get the sound that it stopped charging not sure why its a real pain just to get it to start charging and if anyone moves it no cell for the next day and money is too tight to buy another

I had a LG that had a problem with the battery compartment. I could still use the phone, but wanted to get it fixed. I took it to the dealer I bought it from and the clerk said that they could fix it, but the cost would probably exceed the original cost of the phone!

That was the best way to convince my wife I needed a new phone. :)

I say to crack that baby open and solder it together on your own. Good Sunday morning task.


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