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Using Pixel 4a on Consumer Cellular

I bought an unlocked Google Pixel 4a and have not been able to get service with it on Consumer Cellular, despite multiple sessions with tech support and the addition of a new SIM card. Has anyone else successfully connected a 4a?


My problem is only sending or replying to a group text; I receive them fine.  But alas, this procedure did not work for me.  I have had this problem since Dec 26 and have spent 5-6 hours on it already: support calls to Consumer Cellular and doing stuff suggested in multiple webpages describing this problem.  Unbelievably annoying, since I like the Pixel 4a otherwise.


Create a new APN in the Pixel 4a:  go to settings, network & internet, mobile network ( should be CC), advanced, Access Point Names,  (upper right three vertical dots) New APN.  Enter the following under heading: (Name) ccLTE, (APN) seller, (Proxy) Not set, (Port) Not set, (Username) Not set, (Password) Not set, (Server) Not set, (MMSC), (MMS proxy), (MMS port) 80, (MCC) 310, (MNC) 410, (Authentication type) Not set, (APN type) default,mms,agps,supl,fota, (APN protocol) IPv4, (APN roaming protocol) IPv4, (Bearer) Unspecified.  Click on the three dots again and save the new name.  Be sure to select the new name.  Hope this helps.  Geoff

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