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Unable to change ringtone

When I try to change my ringtone I could not find my (music) files showing up in:

settings > sounds > sim 1/2 ringtone > more ringtones

I tried almost everything like scanning the app, relocating the files, restarting, etc.

Even I reset my phone (PANASONIC ELUGARAY 550) twice. But the issue is still there...  When I searched in internet I came to know that if .nomedia file exists then it will hide the files and won't show in any other app. I deleted those .nomedia files also but I could not see the files again. Instead when I restarted .nomedia file appears again. But there are some other brands like NOKIA, SAMSUNG, in which there are some .nomedia files in whatsapp. They still reads the music files in settings... Fed up with trying again and again...

Hi Vinoth. Had the same problem on an old phone. Open a music player app and tap and hold a music file and check if the option to use it as ringtone shows up. Other than that, I just used a ringtone app from Google Play store.

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