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Why is the Bluetooth connection of my CAT S41 to my car very unstable?

The bluetooth connection to my car (renault clio 2017) is very unstable. I keep loosing calls after a few seconds of speaking.

Same problem fo AUDI A5 and the problem is CAT S41 connection is very unstable suddenly no voice of other side 20-30 seconds and voice again, with Samsung S4 mini never problem


I have updated software to the newest version (3times - 3 updates) and now BT works well.


I also have the samo problem with subaru and citroen. So it's not a car problem - it's s41 problem.

I have a Volkswagen Passat, with the same problem, with a Categoria S41. 

I really wanted to get this phone.  Unfortunately, the bluetooth kept disconnecting from the car.  I did everything as per previous phones and to no avail.  Very disappointed with this and also it didn't recognise my music on the sd card following an update.

Hi Dennis. Have you tried connecting other phones to your car? Just to confirm if it's the phone or car Bluetooth causing the problem.

My is also unstable with infiniti Q50S car. The audio also.

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