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How to fix speaker of LG X Venture that stopped working?

The other day the speaker on my sisters X Venture stopped working randomly. How could I fix it and what might be the problem? She can't hear music, phone calls, or texts. 

I can't this LG X VENTURE  I I can't call out on it. I tried taking the sim card out for 5 mins and I don't know all the other things I've tried but this happened to me 6 months ago with mint Mobil. I'm so frustrated with this damn phone and network!

I have the same problem, what usually works for me is: Clear all running apps, then restart the phone and try to see if it works, if not, keep restarting until it does. I'm sure there's an eternal error, but I can'

 seem to find it out. If it turns out to be unfixable, your best bet would be to get a cheap bluetooth speakerr

Hi Haley. Try watching a video then press volume up button, make sure you max it the volume level. I'm thinking your sister may have just accidentally muted it.

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