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Should I wait for General Mobile GM 6 Plus?

Hi everybody. I am using General Mobile 4g for 2 years and now i want to upgrade my phone. I am very happy with android one concept and i want to buy a phone from this concept again but it seems like GM 6 is not better then GM 5 Plus and GM 5 Plus will not be supported after just one year. I can't see any news about GM 6 Plus. So should i wait for GM 6 Plus or should i buy a GM 5 Plus?

    In my opinion, replacing your phone after 2 years is a good move. Any new phones with better specs will do for me. It all  concludes to my needs, if I find that my needs are fulfilled by a phone, I will buy it and replace my old one. With regards your question, I suggest asking yourself. Can you wait for a few more months (I'm assuming the release date of GM 6 Plus) or is your GM 4G no longer working properly and need a replacement now? Might as well consider checking phones from other manufacturers. Hope that helps!

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