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Setting up Wifi calling

Phone: Motorola E5 Play Android. I am currently in an area of the southeast USA where there is no cellular service (amazing that there are still areas with no cellular coverage) but my wifi connection is strong. I understood (when I first switched from Verizon to Consumer Cellular) that wifi calling is supported so that I cam make phone calls over the wifi network instead of the (nonexistent) cellular network. However I can't figure out how to set that up and get it working. Please advise... thanks...


Eric - I have Consumer Cellular (ConCel) (using AT&T SIM card) and a new Samsung A52 phone. The phone offers WiFi Calling (WFC) and it is turned on. In spite of maybe 6-8 calls to ConCel, they cannot get the WFC to work on this phone (and this is not a cheap phone!). My wifi signal is strong. They have even tried using a T-Mobile SIM card, but still no success. They have given up and say WFC just will not work with this phone (in fairness, I did not buy the A52 from them, and they therefore do not "support it", but still .... it's a Samsung, not some off brand). So they might SAY they support WFC, but they don't/can't in all cases.

Also ironic, WFC did work on my old Samsung with an old SIM card. So go figure ...

Good luck.

Let me know if you get it worked out.

Hi Eric. Yes, Consumer Cellular does offer Wi-Fi calling. You have to contact them first to enable this on your account.

Eric P

Hmmm... OK, I thought this was a Consumer Cellular support forum.  I see now that it is not, instead it is a general support forum covering many different service providers.  So I should make clear that my question is related to wifi calling on Consumer Cellular and not any other service.  Sorry about any confusion I may have left...

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