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How to fix Samsung Galaxy TabPro 10.1 charging/battery problem?

I've had my Tablet for just over 1.5 years and I have recently been having some trouble with the charge rate. I had to replace the charging port as the charger was pulled out at a bad angle and the tablet stop charging all together. A few weeks after I got the port replaced I was charging it up with a standard Samsung charger but it was very slow (I charged it over night and it hardly got anywhere and I tried two different Samsung chargers). I recently bought an Anker charger and for the first week or so the tablet was charging up very fast but recently it has started to charge slowly again and now it won't charge while its on only when its off.

Tablet model - SM-T520

I highly suggest that you take it back to the shop that repaired your charging port. Looks like it's still faulty even after it was repaired.

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