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How to fix Samsung Galaxy S5 issues?

I have a Galaxy S5 and am having two issues. 

1.  When I miss a call and try to dial the number from my call log of missed calls the phone will not connect to the number, I actually have to go into my contacts and access the number from there to make the call.

2. If I want to call a business that is not in my contact list I use the keypad and press in the number, this works fine, however if the business has an auto call menu and wants me to select an option like 1, 2 or 3 I press the corresponding number on my phone but get the message that the number is not recognized.  I have to then call it from my home phone as I can't access the menu option from my phone.

It might be problem with Android firmware. Please update the phone with latest version, it definitely resolve your problems. You can follow instructions for update here.

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