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How to fix without disassembling battery draining and won't charge properly on Samsung Galaxy Tab A6?

Hi! I left my tablet on 10% or less for some days and came back to it completely drained. I charged it and the screen lights up with the battery and lightning symbol, it blinks for a split second and shows the battery symbol with 0% in the middle, then it blacks out again for about 2 seconds and the process repeats.

How do I solve this (preferably without having to open it up)? I've tried pressing: 

power + volume up + volume down + home = nothing

power + volume up + home = Android system recovery screen, choosing any of the options (or leaving it idly for some seconds) leads me back to the repeating charging symbols

power + volume up + home = Odin mode, leads back to charging after a few seconds

Hi circe. Have you tried using a different set of charger? Also, let it charge for at least 15 minutes before trying to turn it on when you drain the battery.

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