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What can I do to get warranty to cover repair for the defective display digitizer of my Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016)?

I bought my Mom a new J3 from Bestbuy for Christmas.  It took her a few days to get it activated and she only was able to use it a handful of times before it quit working.  We returned it to Bestbuy within 14 days and they said they could not take it back because the digitizer was cracked. This is behind the glass touch screen.  We didn't know what was wrong.   The phone had been kept in a case within a handbag and never dropped or mishandled.  I contacted Samsung and they had me ship it to their repair center.  I just found out that they will not cover it under warranty and want to charge more to fix it than it cost to purchase!    I am extremely disappointed and see this as a product design failure and serial defect.  I've been reading other people's experience with the J3 display failure and want to hear if anyone else has had success in getting Samsung to stand behind their product? What can I do to get them to cover this repair under the warranty?  

Hi Sheri. You will have to take the phone to the service center. Technicians will have a look at the phone first to determine if that will be covered by warranty. Unfortunately, in your case, you will really have to pay for repair.

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