Is it true that Asus will block my phone if screen is replaced by a local service center?

I am having zenfone max same touch problem I went to local service center they cost around 4063 for replacing that.And they told if the touch is replaced in local place other then Asus service center the product code dosen't match to the original to Asus then  phone will not work after 60 days  because the code will verify on asus online if it is not original then Asus will block our phone... Is this true???? Plz any one reply me... Any one have replaced their phone touch in local service center not in Asus service center but still the Asus phone works fine after 60 days  or more days is ur phone is working good then plz do let me know or will they  block  oru phone plz inform me.... 

This is the first time I've heard of something like that. Have you confirmed this from Asus?

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