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How to remove Gmail account from ZTE Blade L3?

Hello Everyone, I am just regestered and must be your newest "Newbie"! When I received my ZTE, I had to create a new Google email address. I already had one but did so anyway. The phone was faulty and had to be returned for exchange. When I received the new one, I deleted the newly registered email adress from my computer. the next day I tried to remove it from the Blade L3, and I could not do it. I have researched this on the internet and all the instructions I see are not applicable to my android! I cannot find a "manage Accounts" I only have an "Accounts" tab and then it only gives me the accounts that I have - there are no pages to scroll to or no "Delete or Remove" options even when pressing the account name on the display. I managed to remove the "sync" but still there appears to be no way to remove the account. In my "defence" I am well past my sell-by date and this is my first Smart Phone, so any assistance would be well appreciated - especially if written in easy-to-follow words!!

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Hello Carl P,

Thanks a lot for your answer.

Firstly, and with respect, the user manual is next to useless, I downloaded it some weeks ago when I was expecting the phone. It contains basic details only and then only half of the subject is covered and you have to go online to find out the rest of it!

I just checked and I don’t understand the details shown:-

Internal storage – total 2.13 GB. Available 293MB (What is “internal Storage”?)

Phone storage – total 2.75GB. Available 2.64GB (How is this different from Internal?)

SD card 14.83GB. Available 14.82GB. (I bought it as a 16GB item, what would have used 1.18GB since inserting it??!)

I chose ‘phone storage’ as Internal storage was selected previously – not by me, I hasten to add! However that would account for the inability to download the app and the ‘insufficient space’ notification!

I shall go to apps and try to install an App and see if it is allowed.

SUCCESS!! I installed the Adblock Browser and it Installed OK! There is an instruction to download to a location, and I shall choose SD Card when it seems necessary. As there is space on the Phone storage, it seems to me to be OK to continue to use that. Unless you advise otherwise!


Many thanks for your help!


I hope I don’t have to come back, but I feel that that is just ‘wishful thinking,’ as this is my first encounter with one of these smart phones, who knows what mysteries it holds in store for me!





Hi there again Collin!

You can download the user manual by visiting ZTE Blade L3 page here in The Informr.

With regards the storage issue, it is pertaining to the SD card. Can you check Settings > Storage if there's an option to set default storage to SD card.

I'm not sure if you can move apps on your phone, so check it by going to Settings > Apps > Downloaded, check if the apps under Downloaded have the option "move to SD card". Otherwise, you will have to root your phone first to be able to move apps.

Hello Carl P,

There are so many things that I am having to research from the internet, and friends, that I wonder why the online user's manual is even available!

eg:  I bought a mini 16GB memory (?SD ) card - how do I activate it? Anything I try to download is refused as I am told that I do not have sufficient space.

There are many other challenges like that and this is going to be a long steep learning curve!

I have the feeling that I will be back!



Hi Colin. Glad you were able to fix it. While I'm not sure why details like that are not  included, we are here to help you and provide answers to your cellphones and tablets question. Cheers!

Hello Carl P,

My grateful thanks for your advice  -- makes me wonder why details like this are not included in the on-line users manual!

(I'm learning to say R E D  backwards!)



Go to Settings > Accounts > tap on the Google account you want to delete > Open menu > Remove account. Hope that helps.

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