How to remove the back cover of Nokia 106?

I have just bought this phone nokia 106 from Virgin and it is completely impossible to remove the back cover to put in battery and sim. Several people who are technically minded and good with phones have tried. We have followed the instructions but they don't help at all.

Hold the edge of the back cover and press gently on the  "Nokia" logo oval in the upper back: that is part of the phone, not the back. So if you can press it while holding the edges of the back you will push the phone away from the back.

I would like to purchase a Nokia 106, is there a shop that is still sellin it?

thank you 

Thanks Eileen, perfect solution.


Just bought the Nokia 106 & alemild has the best answer. I used my Swiss Army knife screwdriver at first as my thumbnail is rubbish but then discovered that if I held it in both hands, with my fingernails on both sides tucked into the groove and one thumb on the rear button, I could apply the right amount of pressure in the right places. Now it's no problem at all to open it, just have to get my old sim card to work in it!

Had a similar model... used to open its case by dropping the phone on the ground.

i just bought the phone, the key is to run your thumbnail into the join between the case and the front panel, once a side and corner is free, push down on the rear button while holding the rim of the cover to force the phone from the cover

i have exactly the same problem, nokia's have always been simple to use, I've been trying to remove the back cover for the last hour, I've watched video's of how to do it and i still can't. It's made me very frustrated i think I'll be taking the phone back tomorrow

Found a video showing how to remove the back cover of Nokia 106. You can also find it in Nokia 106 page (Videos tab). Here's the link to the video: click here

Same Problem here. ITS JUST HOPELESS

I've been trying to remove that blasted cover for the last 30 mins. No success! I've owned dozens of cell phones in the last 20 years and this one is the most stupid piece of plastic I've ever seen. I'm returning it tomorrow because it's utter madness not being able to remove the cover. I'll never buy another Nokia in my life

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