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No option to pickup or decline call

Hi i am having this issue in my Panasonic Eluga where when someone calls on my cell then my phone rings buts there is no option to pickup or decline the call.It was working before 2-3 hoursĀ  but suddenly it stopped working.Note that i am a software engineer and so my first instinct was to restart the phone but even then i am facing the problem .What is the fix here?The problem is there is no option to swipe right left or up down .There is no such screen popping which used to happen before whenever any call comes.Althoug the screen does light up but nothing else happens .No option to pickup the call like that red and green buttons does not appear on the screen at all.

Hi Jason. That's odd. Which exact Panasonic Eluga phone are you using? Do you happen to use a 3rd party phone app? I've seen it happen when using a phone app from Google Play store as my default.

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