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No contacts list after putting simcard into new doro 6820

Why is my contacts list empty after putting my simcard into new Doro 6820 please? What have I not done?

That's a good idea bringing your phone instead just to be sure. Just so you know, phones now have options on where you want to save your contact numbers and which source will be displayed on your contacts app. If you want to continue saving on your SIM, please tell the tech person that you want it to be the default storage for contacts so next time you change phone, you just insert the SIM and still have your contacts. Glad I was able to help. Feel free to post again if you have any question.


Thank you for your anser Carl.  It's the phone contacts that are not coming up i.e. names with phone numbers.  We thought by putting the simcard in the new phone it would automatically bring up the contacts list but it's empty.  We thought the contacts were stored on the simcard but obviously not.   We do still have the old phone and have put the simcard back in that and all the contacts/phone numbers are still there.   It's actually my husbands phone.   We are OAP's  and not tech savvy with mobile phones.   Think we'll just have to take it to a mobile shop to get them to do it for us otherwise we'll probably end up losing all the contacts but appreciate your help. 

Hi Gail. Looks like you saved your contacts on the previous phone you have. Do you still have that phone? You may be able to sync it to a Google account.

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