What to do when Verizon tablet has foreign characters and unable to reset it?

My tablet has foreign characters on it and I am unable to reset the tablet. Won't turn off at all?

Hi irene. Which Verizon tablet are you using?

One user experiencing the same on his/her Verizon Ellipsis 7 posted:
"Had the same problem with Chinese language....turned off my tablet at night. Plugged it in to charge and when I took it off the charger it had Chinese words on the screen. Did all the above power starts to no avail....while messing around with the power button and the volume up and down button, I found that the volume up and down actually moved through the line items highlighting them blue. I pressed the on/off button to select whatever it was highlighted and it brought up English info about my tablet. I pressed the on/off button some more trying to see more English and one of those items on the list must have been a reboot. My tablet is now on and showing what it's supposed to show on the screen. Weird....hope it helps someone else!" - kelly_7875 (source)

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