Marilyn Wagoner

Why does the Samsung Galaxy Centura freeze up?

When I turn it on it comes up and then it buzzes and then it freezes and wont let me use any feature of the system. I can't get my texts, calls, just nothing.

mine does the exact same thing, ive had it for a few years now and at first it was not that bad, but now i have to take out the battery to restart it at least 15-20 times a day, it literally just froze up as im typing this and i had to restart it. it'll buzz once, and if i lock it and unlock it its on the same screen only dark, then it'll do a little double buzz, and 1/99 times it will go back to the lock screen, but almost every time it just goes black and wont lock, unlock, do anything. idk what to do

Hmm... Was the phone dropped or physically damaged? 'Cause it looks like it.

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