Why won't Micromax Bolt A075 turn on?

my micromax A075 full not on

This might sound stupid, but have you tried removing the battery for at least 2 minutes then put it back and try turning it on? On my older phones where battery is removable, it works.

Hi Amaan,

Follow these steps to turn on your phone:

  1. Fully charge the phone.
  2. Turn on the device by pressing the volume UP and power key together. Press power for a few second release it but keep pressing the Volume key a little bit longer.
  3. When Micromax and Android logo shows up release the Vol key.
  4. Wait until you see an Android figure lying on its back.
  5. If recovery menu appears follow 6. When you see "No command" with the Andorid robot press POWER shortly (or +Vol up) to display the recovery menu.
  6. When Android system recovery menu appears... go and
  7. Highlight wipe data/Factory reset using volume down key.
  8. Confirm with power or Cancel using BACK key.
  9. Select with Vol - Yes -- delete all user data and confirm using power key.
  10. After hard reset is done, highlight reboot system now and confirm your selection.

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