Why does my Lenovo Z2 Plus shows numbers that I didn't make calls in call log?

The names of contacts whom I have not called in weeks appear in the frequent callers list. And contacts who are called just once remain in the frequent callers list.

Thank you fellows. That really helps. Can you tell me if the frequent callers list will revert back to the last stable stage?

If u instal d nw contacts manager d call log wll com bac 2 normal. See dat al ur contact put in d tym of unstable contact wll b dsapperd. U nd 2 sav contacts agen.


I have same phone. When i upgrade to nougat many in my contacts were delete. Same like you call log became different. do hard reset and upgrade contacts manager to make compatible with nougat android.

Your contact manager may have stopped. It could be a bug that has made your contact manager to crash. Thereafter the system will return to the last known stable version and display contacts as recent calls. So they are not calls that you did not make but the last calls you made with stable contacts manager. you can just reset to factory settings and it'll be as good as new,

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