Why does my BlackBerry 9320 freeze up and switch off?

My blackberry 9320 was bought in march

i think its a problem with that phone i also have the same phone which makes the same things you are say and i see others have also re-posted that on the form ..... its a problem they cant solve

Hi there. The way to determine why it's freezing is to determine what is causing it. It could be the OS is corrupt. It could be some add-on app interfering. It could be faulty hardware. It could be too many apps running at the same time, consuming resources even if you are not using them. It could be many more things. With regards with it switching off, a faulty battery may have been causing it. I suggest you Contact BlackBerry for assistance regarding the problem.

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I am also facing the same problem. I guess its because of the battery. My battery gets discharged in no time.

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