Why does my Micromax Canvas Doodle 3 get unwanted apps installed the moment I connect to internet?

My A102 gets unwanted apps installed the moment I connect Wi-Fi or internet. This is when the security settings are done. These apps once uninstalled do reinstall again and again and the system hangs. what is the solution?


unwanted apps and add are download automitacally and data connection does not off am very tried uninstall more apps plzz give me better solution 

Dear Sir, Need you help, Unknown application automatically starts in my mobile i aslo reset it. but the problem is not solved.. please advise...

Hi Romesh. One your app is causing it. Go to Settings > Apps > All, check if there's a fishy looking app or an app you aren't sure you installed, uninstall it.

Also check Settings > Apps > Running, the app is probably running on the background, stop and uninstall it.

Hope you find it. Let us know which app is causing the problem.

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