Why does my Motorola Moto G4 Plus fail when battery below 60%?

It 6 months old Moto g 4 plus .. problem started 2 months back. When battery is below 60 it switches off while call comes. I was able to manage with silent mode.. now i get the latest Android 7 and issue becomes severe . When battery is below 70% , i cannot even switches on the phone with a sim card in it.. after removing the sim it works well with wifi .. if i want to call some one , either the battery should be above 80 or it should be connected to a charger. Factory reset and rebooting and brain clening .... All done but no use...

Hi Praveen. Try this: Drain the battery 'til it shuts off. While it's off, fully charge it. Observe if that improves the battery performance.

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