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Why does my Xiaomi Note 3 take 1 hour to charge 1%?

Hey, I'm using Mi note3, 32gb since 6 months, bt now there is some charging issue with my moblie . It is not charging properly it is taking nearby 1 hr for 1/2% charging, & sometime charging automatic off, then i have to unplugged the cable and plug it again. So someone please tell me how to fix this problem, what should i do now

Hmm.. Try this: Drain the battery 'til it turns off. While it's off, charge the phone and only turn it on once it's full. Observe if battery performance improves.

There is no issue with charger. It is charging perfectly in other Mobiles, and i also try some other chargers in my (note3) bt the problem is same mobile is taking hours for 2-3% charging and it suddenly stop charging untill i repluged it i hv also factory reset my mobile bt the problem is same. Sp please can u suggest me any other solution.

It's either you have a broken charger, a broken charging port, or a bad battery. Try using a different set of charger, if it's still the same, I highly suggest having your phone checked.

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