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Why are my photos lost after installing an app on the Verizon Ellipsis 7?

My grandson downloaded the minecraft photo stickers app, now I can't find my photos or movie clips. Help.

I was looking at recent pictures in my gallery, when I touched on one picture, and then went to look at all, now I can't find any of approx. 60 pictures.

I read someone else's question and answer , but I don't know how to connect my tablet to my computer to check if the pictures are still somewhere in the tablet.

Also, what is the drop box or file?

You can always download a file explorer from Google Play store. Good thing they are on your DropBox. Now, if you want them back on your tablet, you can download all the photos in your computer then transfer it to your tablet via a USB cable. Or you can also install DropBox from Google Play store and let it sync to your tablet.

Unless my tablet came with a file explorer already installed, I don't think I have it. Don't know where to look for it. Kinda new at this tablet thing. The pictures are on my drop box. Found them today. But don't know how to get them back in my gallery. Thanks for any help.

Have you tried checking if the photos still exist by connecting your tablet to a computer? Also try checking it thru your tablets file explorer. Let me know if it's still there.

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