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Can I change Hello Moto to my name on Motorola Moto G4 startup?

Just after the update, when the phone switches on is says: Hello Moto, can you change it to your name, for example: Hello Alex?

Hello, I am Alex Solyakov and i am using one of your phone products Moto g4. 

I would like to send a feedback about the phone how may I may to improve it. At the very start when you switching your phone, there is a woman voice saying: Hello Moto. I would like to change it to my name saying: Hello Alex, not only for me but also for the rest people who have your products to change it in settings. If it possible to do it, with your next update make it true if it possible, or if it is possible to do now in settings, hopefully you would guide me through and write a response to my letter.
Sincerely Alex

Pule Mokitlane
Pule Mokitlane
Pule Mokitlane

Hi, I just restarted my phone and it said hello Moto. I'd like it to say hello with my name instead of Moto. Please consider this in future updates like the guy suggested. Thanks 

According to other users, on older Motorola Droid phones, it uses the notification sound. Have you tried that? Other than that, if you want to changes startup animation/sound, you will have to root your phone first and locate the startup video/photo/sound then replace it with one you customized.

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