Phone storage space on my Huawei Ascend II is getting low. How do I fix this?

e-mail is on my phone, it says 52.37MB would this be problem if so how do I remove. Kathie

My phone will not allow me to move things to sad card, plus I don't understand phone speak or gargin used these days sorry, I am scared to move or delete anything because it says phone may not function properly? I need to down load important app related to my work ant can't

patrick munishi
patrick munishi

when i save the contact it failed to be saved,reason database is full,how can i solve this problem

I have a huawei phone and it always says I am running low on storage space

Hey Kathie. Here are ways to free up your phone's internal memory:
• Move files and email attachments to the microSD card.
• In Browser, clear all temporary Internet files and Browser history information.
• Move application to microSD card.
• Uninstall any downloaded programs that you no longer use.
• Reset your mobile phone.

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