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Will the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime from MetroPCS be the latest version gold colored and will it be new?

I'm switching to MetroPCS and ordering the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime phone. Will the phone be the *latest* version (*gold colored*) and will it be new? CS

Switching to MetroPCS/Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime phone etc.

Hi again CS. Have you tried contacting MetroPCS thru the number 888-863-8768 (or *611 from your MetroPCS cell)?


Hey, first, thanks for responding. The problem is, I can't find a way to talk to a live representative at MetroPCS! I might have missed something, but I sure have been trying pretty much everything to find a way to do that. Since I can't talk live to anyone, it would really be a pretty big hassle to find out how to return a phone if they sent me the wrong one. It's a shame, because I really only need a couple of minutes of their time.  This is the kind of thing that tempts me to just switch to a network other than MetroPCS. My opinion is that a human should be available (for free) if really needed. If you have any ideas  on how I can talk to a human at MetroPCS, you are surely welcome to respond to my post again!  : )   In fact, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks again Carl,  for being kind enough to respond.


Hi CS. I'm checking MetroPCS website, can't find anything that says it's reconditioned/refurbished, looks like it's new. Though I still suggest that you ask them before making the purchase.

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