If you have problems with the ZTE Savvy, where can you go for support, replacement or repairs?

Problems? That sucks! Sorry to hear. If your ZTE Savvy needs a little TLC, you have a couple options. You could contact the store where you originally purchased the device or you could contact ZTE directly. Your eligibility for repair, replacement or support may depend on the warranty period remaining. Good luck!

Beverly Gray

I just bought my zte savvy phone and it doesn't tell me when I get text messages.I went into sounds and everything seems turned on.So what else can I do to fix the problem?

Nobody can call me on my ZTE Savvy cell/phone as always has a busy signal??? Help please! Thank You, sincerely zerlene

I got a zte savvy phone for Christmas and now when I take pictures and old picture comes up from another sim card. The pictures aren't saved on my phone and aren't on the new sim card. When I click on the old picture the picture I've just taken appears but if I erase it. The new and old picture erases. How is it doing that and the old pictures aren't saved anywhere on my phone or present SD card.

Play store won't load. Just bought phone an hour ago

Have a savvy that states its storage is full when trying to download a new app. Have added a 32 SDHC card so how do I get it to load to the new card so that I have more room to load apps.?

I went to call out and this message came up Unfortunately Google Search has stopped... is there any way you can get google to start working again ?

Carla Shypkoski

My phone will not let me call or text out.

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