How to move apps from internal memory to memory card on the Ellipsis 7?

I put in a 32GB SD card, but the Ellipsis won't let me save or move anything onto the card. Does anybody know how to fix this issue? I've already run out of internal storage space and I don't even have all that many apps on here?

If the card is installed and formatted correctly go to settings >> storage >> internal storage then click on internal storage and then click on the app you want to move. At the top it will say 'storage used" then under that click "change". It will give you the options of Internal Storage or SD Card. click on the SD card and follow the prompts. 

If your SD card is not formatted correctly you won't be able to transfer things, but if you installed the SD card when the tablet was turned off, it will give you a prompt to foramt it.

No, app to SD does not work on the Ellipses 7. Does on everything else I've had. I have to root I guess

Jonathan ferrara

How do I get or move apps to my SD card? I have a Verizon ellipsis 7.

What??? I guess there's not a possibility to get a more detailed answer regarding the ellipsis 7 and it's SD card use.

Which file manager app did you use? I'm having a hard time finding one that will successfully move apps to the sd card.


so this is what i have done to solve this problem.
i downloaded a file manager app and move the items from my tablets "sd card" to the sd card i actually put in.everything works just fine.

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