I need help with disabling the dial prevention mode on Motorola Moto M

Below is what I see under security - thanks for your help

Make pattern visible

Automatically lock

Lock screen image

Show password lock screen inte... Do not show lock screen themes when activate, directly goes to lock screen


Smart Lock

Encrypt phone

Set up SIM card lock

Make password visible

View or deactivate device administrators

Allow installation of apps from unknown sources

Storage type 

Trusted credentials

Install from storage

Clear credentials 


Trust agents

Screen printing 

Apps with usage access

I searched security for pocket dial but it did not show

What do you see under Security -> Screen Lock? Can you try in Settings, on the search bar there, try searching Pocket Dial.

Thanks for your response. However, there is no Pocket Dial Prevention Mode option under Security-Screen Lock-

Hi FH. Please check Settings -> Security -> Screen Lock -> Pocket Dial Prevention Mode. Let me know if you find it.

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