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Why won't Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime open?

I haven't open my phone, J7 prime, for 2 months after purchased. Now I tried to open it and it doesn't work. How will I open this phone?

Please answer my question. ☺

Ho Rizchelle. If the phone is kept properly while it was unused, I think the battery just got drained. Try to charge it for at least 15 minutes before you try turning it on again.

Hi Rizchelle,

There are number of possibilities for that reason.

1- System crash caused the device to freeze leaving it with a black screen that's unresponsive.

2- The battery got totally drained that it can no longer power the device up even for a few seconds.

3- Some caches or data files got corrupted for some reason and cause the phone not to respond.

4- The device sustained some serious liquid and physical damages that's perventing t from booting up.

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