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How to activate LED notification light on the Huawei Y5?

I have n Huawei Y5 and I want to actived my LED light but there no settings for it but it have a LED light how do I actived it

I have a problen that when I unlock huawie y5 there is a message that remove the hand from sensor to unlock and another option if u want to disable this otption then push the volume up and power button twice time I did this and now my sensor is not working when during call sensor is not working secreen light remain on during call please help me to enable my mobile sensor again.....!!


Does a huawei y560 have a led notification 

Hi Erasmus. I'm sorry but Huawei Y5 doesn't seem to have LED notification light. What you see are the front camera, ambient light sensor, and proximity sensor. Visit Huawei Y5 page for more info.

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