Mohammad Saidur Rahman

How to know IMEI number on the Nokia 6585 CDMA?

I have a Nokia 6585 CDMA mobile to know the IMEI number on the Nokia 6585 CDMA mobile? Please help?

Nokia 6585 CDMA Mobile set.

Made in Hungary
Above information is for MY NOKIA 6585 CDMA Mobile set.

Please help to provide the IMEI Number.and How to find out IMEI number?

Mohammad Saidur Rahman

I have tried dialling *#92772689# to know the ESN.The NOKIA 6585 CDMA Mobile didn't display any number.

Please help.

Thanking you .

Hi there! In a CDMA phone, it's not called IMEI, it's called ESN. Try dialling *#92772689#. Let us know if you can find the ESN there.

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