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I can't make or receive phone calls

Except for every once in a while when it will work (on average, once or twice a day), l can't make or receive calls. I can consistantly receive/send emails and texts and l can always get on the internet with no issues... but no calls. My Huawei Mate 20 Pro is 2.5 years old and has always been trouble free up to about 3 days ago. When l try to make a call, l see a "Dialing" message on the screen but can't hear ringing on the other end and after about 25 seconds, the call attempt ends. Up until last evening, l was close to or at home. I went out to dinner last evening and was able to make and receive phone calls with no issues, but again, when l went home, no more calls. Why would this be happening only in and around my home after 2 and a half years? ... and all of a sudden? Is this a cell tower issue or possibly a phone issue? I've replaced my sim card per Straight Talk's customer service representative to no avail. They also then recomended a full phone reset (a major pain) but still no improvement. I don't really want to replace my phone if l don't have to. Any thoughts??

Accepted Answer

Hi Carl,  l had my old phone so while l was on the phone with Straight Talk, l had them switch my sim card to the old phone.  Results were the same .  I also went out to dinner approximately 6 miles north of me and everything was working again.  When l arrived home, l had the same issues as before, I could use data but no phone calls.  Both phones are android and are the GSM type.  The CS rep then recomended getting a new sim card but there was no improvement.  As much as l hated to do it, the next step was resetting the phone back to factory defaults.  Once again, no improvement! 

So the packet containing the new sim card (l was using AT&T cards) also had a T-mobile sim card.  Both are GSM types.  After much back and forth with the technical manager (every CS rep l worked with seemed to be a manager, lol!), l was able to convince him to allow me to use the T-mobile sim card.  Evidently, this change ends up causing ST alot of work.  About 4 hours later, all their changes were made to my account and downloaded to my phone.  Everything worked well again. (except l had to set up the phone one more time!)

So to sum it up, after 5 days on and off the phone with the Straight Talk customer service team, changing the AT&T sim card to a T-mobile sim card was the answer.  I'm glad l was able to convince them to allow me to switch it out!

Thanks Carl for your attempt at solving the problem.  I hope this helps someone else with the same issues!

Hi Tom. I'm honestly clueless here. Data works, but calls won't. I find it weird. Do you have any other phone that runs on Straight Talk's network? Maybe a neighbor? Can you check if it's experiencing the same?

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