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Why does Micromax Unite 4 Pro immediately restart when making calls?

I am using Micromax Q465, This mobile is intermediately restarting when making calls via Dialer.  Kindly Help me in Fixing this issueWhile the other End people can receive the Call. Kindly Help me in Fixing this issue.. I am unable to go to the safe mode also.

Hi Raj, I have same problem with my Samsung galaxy J5 and I had changed the battery and the issue is resolved. You can try to change the battery.

Hi GowthamRaj. Did you recently install any app? An app may be causing your phone to restart. Also, please check your battery if it's bloated. Remove the battery and try to spin it, it should as it should be flat, if it did spin, best have it replaced as it may be causing your phone to shut off by itself.

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