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How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to OPPO R11?

It seems from the beginning of this year, a variety of related OPPO conference R11 no corpuscles, August 8th, OPPO held a conference in Shanghai, launched a special edition mobile phone R11 barcelona. Like the OPPO R9 Barcelona custom version, the phone still faces the young market, and the colour scheme still uses the iconic red and blue colours of the Barcelona club.

So, I planning to buy a new OPPO R11 to replace the old Samsung S5, how can I do to transfer all my contacts from Samsung to OPPO R11 directly???

To transfer contacts from Samsung to OPPO,the easiest way is to use phone to phone data transfer program,it can connect two devices and can help you transfer not only contatcs but also other media fiels.

To access contacts on your phone is a little challenging since files like contacts and messages which are saved in the internal memory on SIM card can't be easily accessed, let alone transferring contacts from Samsung to Samsung phone. But this Mobile Transfer software actually makes it as easy as pie! With this software, you are free to transfer contacts from Samsung to OPPO R11, as well as other files like photo, videos, music, apps, text messages, call logs, apps, eBooks (PDFs and ePubs).

Have you ever sync your Android data with Google account for making a backup? If you have, you must know that these backed up files are able to be restored back to the device. So in this case,you could try to sync the contacts on the samsung to Google Drive and then restore them to OPPO R11.

It's easy to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to OPPO R11 with the help of Gmail and coolmuster mobile transfer. With their helps, we can directly transfer contacts between mobile phones. About the details, just search online. 

Hi maryare lam! Simply sync the contacts from your Samsung Galaxy S5 to your Google account. When you buy the Oppo R11 and enter the same Google account and sync it, you should be able to get the contacts there easily.

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