How to save pics from text messages on my ZTE Blade?

I just bought a zte blade, i have metro pcs. I love the phone but im having one major problem! I cant save any pics from text msgs!!! Ive read all the "answers" on other ppl's question on the same problem AND NONE OF IT WORKS!!!! I DO NOT HAVE THE "3 dots" icon & i also DO NOT have the "floppy disc" icon!!! THERES NOTHING on the screen!!! when i click on the pic that i want to save, The only thing i have on my screen when ive clicked on the pic, is in the top left corner is my phone number and the little msg icon next to it, and NO it DOES NOTHING!!!!! All it does when i click it, is it goes back to the original msg. Ive tried everything!!!!! Ive tried "tap & holding" and it does nothing, ive tried "double tapping" And NOTHING HAPPENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE HELP!!!! REAL HELP!!!!! SOMETHING THAT ACTUALLY WORKS!!!!

Hi Morgan. Maybe it's the default messaging app not working properly here. Try installing a different messaging app and try everything you did again using a new messaging app.

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