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How to remove secure zone in Lenovo K6 Power?

I am unable to remove secure zone, as the dual app feature is not working.

As it says "You must remove Secure Zone before enabling this function".

But while going to Secure Zone management.

there is no option of removing. only it shows 

1. start at boot(automatically start secure zone in background at bootup)

2. Floating button

Sir my phone lenovo k6 power showing

A big problem with speaker

Showing headphone logo on status bar.

And I can not hear sound clearly from calls

Speaker completely stop working

Hello sir my name is Karan sir my mobile Lenovo k6 power secure zone pattern I forgot what now do sir ?

Go to secure zone then go to settings in secure zone you will find option secure zone management click on it then click on more options you will find 2 coloms 1. Help and 2. Delete secure zone select 2 which delete secure zone and comes back to open zone

It's just showing help option at top right corner 

1st .. click on the : secure zone management  ..  click on both the section , the secure mode will be on.than click on home button. again go to setting and than to secure mode .on right side top click on delete secure mode.

you will be able to use the dual app system.

How to remove securezone in Lenovo k6power.

Not working dualapps

When I open dual app settings error is you must remove secure zone before enabling this feture,.  Plzz

1st u switch to secure zone then u'll get delete option

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