How to download photos from my LG Xpression to my computer?

Insert a memory card into your Xpressions phone.  Open settings, pictures.  Look in right upper corner, select "Move," select all, move, tap memory card, paste.  Two quick ways to look and transfer to computer.  1. take the memory card out and insert into computer.  2. plug USB from phone to computer, select mass storage.  Whatever way you choose, Start, Computer, open your file.

I am transferring to a smart phone soon, but I don't want to lose the four years worth of pictures I have stored. I don't want to just carry around the practically lifeless phone. Is there anyway I can transfer my photos without a memory card? I never got one when I bought this phone at my local Walmart. I also tried an app called "Wondershare Tunesgo." It wont connect because I cant usb debug. Does anyone know how to do that? 

I don't have an answer to this question, but have another do I save my text message conversations from this phone to my memory card? i am in need of doing so for legal purposes and I cannot seem to figure out how to do it like I did with the pictures. Any help???? Advice????

I had this issue with when I plugged it into my computer it would just charge. Thanks to the helpful info on here I was able to put the micro sd card from my husbands phone into this phone. then plug into the computer and choose the "mass storage" option that came up. Then it pretty much was acting like it was a flash drive and I was able to get the pics onto my computer very quickly and easily. it is too bad they don't tell you that when you purchase the phone, I also couldn't find anything about retrieving pics in the user manual. oh well, I will be getting a new phone soon, hopefully I wont have any issue with this in the future. getting a smart phone now. :)

There is a way to do this even if you no longer have cell service or bluetooth. First, you must install a memory card. Then go into Pictures and open the drop down menu on the upper right corner. From that menu select copy and select what pics you're trying to get. Then copy to the Memory card (there'll be a tab for phone memory or memory card). Indicate that your directing the save to Pictures (and then Paste). It'll let you know it copied. Now using an USB cable connect your phone to a computer (your computer should recognize a connection has been made). An "Auto Play" menu appeared for me. From that menu I selected "open folder to view files" from there you can save pics onto your computer.

if you transfer the pictures from your phone to the memory card you can do it that way, you do that by going to the picture and press on the 3 lines at the top, you should see something like 'move picture'

thxs jo for the tip. I was able to plug the LG Xpression into my PC with the USB cord and was able to access my memory card on my PC. The question is: how do I transfer the pictures from my phone memory to my memory card?? help help pls

I have the LG Xpression phone and I have the memory card installed. I downloaded the driver for this device to my computer. The drivers installed correctly. When I plug the phone into the USB port, the computer does not recognize the device. I don't get a "new device detected" or new "drive" on the computer. It simply charges the battery. What am I doing wrong?

Go into the phones settings, click on connection and chose USB connection mode as "mass storage". This will allow you access to the SD card, but not the internal memory. You can transfer pics from the phone to the card and then to the computer but so far this is the only way I have found to do it without doing bluetooth.

Bluetooth: your PC needs a Bluetooth adapter. Most newer laptops (since about 2010) have Bluetooth built in; tower/desktop PCs generally do not have built in Bluetooth (a few do, check the "device manager" for Bluetooth devices on your laptop or desktop). If the PC does not have a built in BT adapater, you need to buy a USB Bluetooth adapter, usually about $20-$30 US. Once it's installed CORRECTLY with all drivers and software, make sure your C395 phone has BT enabled, and "My Visibility" is on. Then use the PC BT software to scan for the phone, you may also have to use the "Search New Device" feature in your phone's BT menu. Eventually, the PC and phone will (hopefully) communicate and you can then transfer your pics, etc. You'll need to install the LG USB Mobile Driver before doing ANYTHING. Use this link for LG support & downloads: Then locate the c395 on the menu and download the USB driver; it may not be needed but I got nothing accomplished until I installed this driver; I think the USB driver should be installed, it won't hurt anything... be sure the phone is connected before installing the USB driver or else the PC will appear to lock up at the end of the driver install. Oh... one other thing that may not matter, but I installed the Microsoft MPT driver too. Search it out, it's free from Microsoft, I don't know if it made a difference in the whole scheme of things, but it didn't hurt anything either. All this was done on Windows7 Home Premium 64bit. Good luck, I hope this helps someone, somewhere.

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How do you set up Bluetooth between your pc and your phone?


how to set up bluetooth to transfer photos fr the phone to computer? may anyone pls help?

The easiest way is to set up bluetooth and transfer. It doesn't matter if you have a memory card or not and saves a lot of time compared to texting pics.

The memory card port can be found by taking the back plate off the phone. The card slot is just below the shutter button for the camera on the side of the phone. Remember, this phone takes a micro sd card, not a standard.

I had the same problem with this phone, but i solved it! I sent my pictures via Bluetooth to my computer. Just that easy!

So, where does the memory card go in the phone ? I don't see any space for it.
What do they cost ?

I also have this phone, and I have found that, unless you have a memory card in your phone (or even if you do have one) you cannot get pictures off of the phone. Using a USB cable, you can transfer pictures from the phone that were taken after the point that you aquired a memory card, as these pictures are, from then on, saved to the memory card. Any pictures that are stored to the phone's internal memory cannot be transferred from the phone excepting by text message or bluetooth.


I also have the same problem? Please help me.

I have the same phone and had the same problem you cant transfer ur pics to ur computer if you dont have a memory card in ur phone.

I do not see any message like "Found new hardware..." when I connect my LG Xpression to computer. It rather shows USB connection mode or something like that with 3 options : "Mass storage", "Music sync", "Data storage". When I choose "Mass storage" it says that I need to insert a memory card.
So, I am confused about how to transfer pictures I have in my LG Xpression to my computer. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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